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You create culinary delights and build the ultimate food experience for your customers. We make the visual appeal of your delicious menu items irresistible. Welcome to the world of affordable food photography services you always dreamed about but never knew existed.


We offer discounts on bulk orders, FREE test shots, plus a special something for the main players who work behind the scenes and create your delicious concoctions - a free "Chef's Portrait". Plus, you get to participate in the actual photo shoot process and hand pick the images you like. Your task of getting your menu done just got a whole lot more attractive without adding any extra cost!

Creating imagery good enough to eat

Your exceptional food and menu items deserve premium photography to display them. I offer food photography for restaurants (food ads and menus), variety of images for plated food and produce, tabletop, still-life images for all your advertising needs, website landing pages, email marketing or social media. Upon request, will add a secret ingredient – food styling! Why settle for less when you can get studio quality food photos for a competitive price and yield a stronger bottom line in the long run? Visit our dedicated food & drink photography website foodie.slavaphotography.com.

Will shoot on location or in my Windsor photo studio.

Carte Blanche

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”

- La Rochefoucauld

For those creative souls who may not always know what they want, except that they want "something special", we dare you to trust us with creating our own vision of how best to show your customers your culinary delights. Use our original images custom-made for your venue in your marketing mix and prepare to welcome a new wave of customers. Give us the "carte blanche" on the creative edge front. And enjoy the results.

What we do

Keep in focus


We offer food styling services to enhance your menu's appeal


From web to print to billboard - always highest definition


Our turnaround time is
reasonably fast

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